Dominicans in Rhode Island

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Dominicans in Rhode Island


Photos, stories, and documents that tell the story of Dominican life, migration, and immigration to Rhode Island

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Bienvenido García 1988 6x4.jpg

Photo courtesy of Marta V. Martinez 2008
Miguel Luna.jpg

Photo by unknown 2000
Fefa 2005.tif

Photo taken by Marta V. Martinez 2006
Vote for Victor Capellan-color.jpg

Campaign material designed by unknown 1996
Victor Mendoza 2007.jpg

Image taken by Marta V. Martínez 2000
Marta Martinez Juanita Sanchez.jpg

Image taken by Gail Lyn Winstanley 1990
Juanita Sanchez-United Way.jpg

Image taken by unknown July 1983
Cepeda-Mendoza-Check for Latin American Festival 1993.jpg

Image taken by Alfonso Acevedo 1993
Fefa's Market1.jpg

Image taken by unknown c1960s
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