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RI Latino History - 1978 (NY Tropical Market).jpg
This is the site of Fefa's Market original location, the first bodega in Rhode Island.

Fefa's Market1.jpg
Photos, stories and items that tell the story of Dominican immigration to Rhode Island

Assisting the nearly 300 Cuban refugees living in Rhode Island is the purpose of the newly formed Cuban Club. Discussing future plans are (l-r) Mrs. Felipe Eiras, treasurer; Mrs. Virginia Salabert; Dr. Eduardo Salabert, president, and Mr. Raul…

Photo-Lyon Fabrics 2016.jpg
Joseph Guittari, owner of Lyon Fabrics, and his son, Jay hired textile workers from Barranquilla and Medellín, starting in 1965 and until it was sold. Formerly Royal Little Mill, which moved to Pawtucket.

Bomes Theatre 1017 Broad St. Providence, RI 02907

Black & White photo taken at West [Pawtucket] High School in 1960.

Gilberto Garcia - Lace Works 1980s.jpeg
Gilberto Garcia, working at Rhode Island Lace Works in the 1980s.

HHCRI logo (Elisa).png
This logo was commissioned by Marta V. Martínez and created by Elisa D. Martínez.

Antillas Rest-Gonzalez Family.jpg
The first Latino/Caribbean restaurant in Rhode Island.

Jorge O. Elorza, elected Mayor of Providence in 2014, is the first Guatemalan elected official in the State of Rhode Island.

El Salvador Indep. day Merino Park 1982-83.jpg
Photos, stories and items that tell the story of Salvadoran migration and immigration to Rhode Island
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