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  • Collection: Latino Politics in Rhode Island
Elect Juan Francisco.jpg

Campaign material designed by unknown June 11, 1982
Hugo Figueroa Palmcard_Translated-2.pdf

Campaign material designed by unknown 2012

Campaign material designed by unknown 2020

Photo by Salvatore Mancini 1991
James Diossa w Colombian flag.jpg

Photo taken by Marta V. Martinez 2012
Anastasia Williams.jpg

Photo courtesy of unknown c1990s

Photo courtesy Marta V. Martínez 2010
Sen. Juan Pichardo.jpg

Photo by Marta V. Martínez 2010
Sandra Cano w flag.jpg

Courtesy Latino History Collections 2012
RILPAC Census Event 2009.jpg

Photo courtesy of Marta V. Martínez 2009
Sabina Matos.jpg

From the RI Latino History Collections 2010, 2015 and 2021
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